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Testimonies Our Patrons Speak

Trinidad de la RosaI like organic products because they help me take care of myself by keeping away from chemicals. Through my passion of organic products was that I discovered Isa Beauty Organics. Every night and day, I use the daily face oil and softly massage my face. Every time I use it, I feel it helps rejuvenate my skin and making it shiny. This product gives my skin a natural and healthy look. I also use once a week the exfoliator made with egg shells. This exfoliator helps removes the impurities and dead skin. In addition, I use the lip balm frequently. After using ISA Beauty Organics for a while, my skin changed for the better and now I do not have to wear too much makeup because there is nothing to hide. My skin looks healthy and natural. Also, these products are handmade and synthetic perfume free. 

Trinidad De La Rosa
Customer from Jersey City, NJ
I’ve been using the ISA Beauty face oil for a couple of months and I am truly satisfied with the results. I have seen amazing changes in my skin. Previously, I would use other natural products for years which made me realized that everything you apply to your skin is absorbed and the skin nourishes from those products. I am very happy with this product because it leaves my skin clean, soft and full of life. I thank the person who designed and elaborated the product. I definitely recommend this product. Give yourself a chance!! 
Teo Ruiz 
Customer from Westchester, NY 
Ana RosalesAbout one month ago I began to use organic products: Hair Growth oil, Body lotion Oil and lip Balm Oil. Isa Beauty Products make product with 100% pure, natural, organic and wildcrafter ingredients. To me it is my first time I am using it, then until now the experience has been very good. Those products take care on the preparation, are very friendly in healthy for our body and very save to our planet too. 
Ana Rosales 
Customer, Bayonne, NJ 
Maricela PicadoI am still very young and for a very long time I have suffered from hair loss. Since this problem started, I have been using different products to fix this, but none of them have worked. One day my friend recommended me the hair growth oil from ISA Beauty Organics and in no time, I started to see marvelous results. Honestly, I saw the difference and the decrease of hair loss. Also, I noticed that my hair began to increase in volume and in hair growth. Additionally, this product made my hair look shiny and healthier. To this day, I keep using this product from time to time to help my hair stay beautiful, strong and healthy. I am really happy with this product. The product not only helps my hair but also it has natural herbs scent, I feel it relaxes me and makes me feel good when I use it. 
Maricela Picado 
Customer from Bloomfield, NJ 
Jeovanny NavarroMy wife recommended me the product for hair loss (Hair Growth Oil). I used it for many days after taking a shower and would help myself by massaging my scalp with the product. I would leave the product throughout the night. I noticed the product was working because my hair stopped falling and began to grow again. Also, the smell of the product is nice, and it really feels is done holistically and naturally with essential herbs fragrance. I feel it renews me and relaxes me. Actually, I only use it sometimes; not with the same frequency I used to. However, I personally recommend people to use it daily, at least a little, so the hair stays strong and with a natural shine. The best thing about this product is that it does not have any chemicals. 
Jeovanny Navarro 
Customer from Bloomfield, NJ