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About the Founder Holistic Aromatherapy Specialist

Isabel Ayala SifuentesI am Isabel Ayala, I am the owner and founder of Isa Beauty Organics. My country of origin is Peru, the area is called Paramonga and previously the Incas built a ruin “The Fortress of Paramonga”. Indigenous blood runs in our blood, people live their lives as Artisan Life. We live naturally on Mother Earth, everything we do consists of fresh food for that moment. Many tourists visit that place to see the ruin of the Incas in Paramonga, Peru.

ISA Beauty Organics will find all kinds of beauty products for care, with organic base made by hand, without chemicals, without transgenics, without synthetic fragrances or perfume additives.

ISA Beauty Organics creates products such as Facial Oil Skin Type, Facial Detox Oils, Body Lotion Oil, Hair Growth Oil, Skin Exfoliator,  and Liquid Lip Balm Oil. Our beauty product lines are created based on oil, organic therapeutic essential oils that are natural, pure and consist of cold pressed organic and wild-crafted oil bases.